Seizures and Brain Injuries 2nd Annual Symposium

Epilepsy Foundation Middle and West Tennessee and Vanderbilt Pediatric Neurology Department’s Free Seizures and Brain Injury 2nd Annual Symposium Teens and Young Adults with Seizures and/or Brain Injuries…

GeneSight Testing

Before you try another medication, ask Dr. Fry about GeneSight testing…

Reading Skills And Speed Reading Programs

For Children and Adults…

New Location

As you are aware my practice has moved to the new location at 1916 Patterson St. I am pleased to be settled in and very happy with the office set up. I appreciated your patience during the moving process and the hiccups with technology such as the episodic issues with the phone and internet connections. I am pleased to have Carmen in the front office. She is very thorough and does a great job. Since she is the only person answering the phones, it can be a challenge at times to get through. An alternate way to send a message is by e-mail to and coming soon the patient portal.

Tourette’s Clinical Trial

I wanted to take a moment to make you aware of a partnership I have had for several years with Access Clinical Trials. We have worked on multiple medication trials and the most recent study for the past 1.5 years just completed. This involved enrollment of patients with Tourette’s for treatment with Valbenazine. There is a possibility of a follow up study in the near future.

ADD/ADHD Clinical Trial

Continuing the information with Access Clinical Trial, we are gearing up to participate in a medication trial sponsored by Shire. The medication that will be studied is for the treatment/management of ADD/ADHD. If you have an interest in this you can contact my office at 615-320-1583 or Access Clinical Trials office at 615-615-320-6076.